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Here you can find a list of detailed instructions for the operation of the Facebook automation software – FBcombo combine. Initial setup Server setup. WEB server Panel setup FBcombo FBcombo WEB panel update Accounts and proxies in FBcombo. Account groups. Servers for work. FBcombo template settings Working with Lists Fbcombo operating modes Account login

FBcombo combine – a program for automating work in Facebook.

FBcombo is a unique software package for automating work in the social network Facebook Our program has been working and developing since January 2016 and is the best solution for automating the social activity of Facebook accounts. Facebook is constantly changing, and so are we. Anonymity, efficient work algorithms and security for accounts – all this is constantly… Read More »

FBcombo. Automatic publish posts to Facebook groups

One of the ways to get traffic on Facebook is group posting. To automatically post to Facebook groups, you need to create lists List of posts. Post lists. What we will post in groups. You can read more about creating posts in the lesson: List of groups. Group lists. Where are we going to post. IMPORTANT – recording… Read More »