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By | 26.01.2023

One of the ways to get traffic on Facebook is group posting.

To automatically post to Facebook groups, you need to create lists

  1. List of posts. Post lists. What we will post in groups. You can read more about creating posts in the lesson: https://soft.fbcombo.com/en/fb-combo-profile-posting-working-with-posts/
  2. List of groups. Group lists. Where are we going to post. IMPORTANT – recording format: Group URL https://www.facebook.com/groups/…..  Groups can also be parsed using the program. More details can be found in the lesson. https://soft.fbcombo.com/en/fbcombo-parsing-facebook-groups/
  3. Empty URL lists for collecting posts published in groups where there is no moderation for further work with these posts (comments, reactions)

Choose the mode.


Config the mode.


Specify a list of posts.

Specify the list of groups where to post.

Give permission (or deny)

Is it possible to post the same posts in different groups (in this case, posts are taken randomly). If it is forbidden, then posts will be published in different groups, only unique ones.

Is it possible to publish posts with different accounts in the same groups? If it allowed than groups will simply be taken randomly and it is possible that several accounts will go into the same group. If forbidden, accounts will ONLY join unique groups. ATTENTION!!! These restrictions apply only throughout the day. the day. After the expiration of the day, the counter is reset.

How many posts to publish with one account per run? For example, if it 5, then for one launch, the account will leave, if possible, one post in 5 groups.

If there is moderation in the group, then delete such groups from the list so we don’t use it in the future or leave it in order to continue posting in the following days.

FBcombo combine checks whether the account is in the group and if not, then, depending on your desire, it applies for membership or tries to post without submitting an application.

Specify the list in which links to posts from UNMODERATED GROUPS will be collected. That is, if the post is immediately published.

And how many times a day to run this mode with your account.

Attention!!! Calculate limits for your accounts. If it put up 5 posts at a time to publish and 3 times a day, then the account can spam up to 15 groups. This is how the number of posts is calculated.


See more in the video tutorial


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