FBcombo. Parsing Facebook groups

By | 26.01.2023

It is often necessary to collect a list of Facebook groups for further work with it. For example, for automatic posting, commenting, adding reactions in it.

We need to create two lists to collect a record of Facebook groups to work with using the FBCOMBO software package.

  1. Keyword list – this list will contain the keywords for which we will collect groups for further work using the Facebook search. Each keyword list on a new line.
  2. Group list – this list will contain the groups that we will parse.

Don’t forget to name the lists meaningfully so as not to get confused in the process of work.

Next, select the account that we will parse and set the task.

And set the mode

Specify the list of keywords and the list where it will be collected.

Let’s run the task.

And we launch the collection template.

At the end of the work in the list it which we parsed, we will get a list of groups for further work


See more in the video tutorial

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