FBcombo. Automatic publish posts to Facebook groups

One of the ways to get traffic on Facebook is group posting. To automatically post to Facebook groups, you need to create lists List of posts. Post lists. What we will post in groups. You can read more about creating posts in the lesson: https://fbcombo.com/en/fb-combo-profile-posting-working-with-posts/ List of groups. Group lists. Where are we going to post. IMPORTANT – recording… Read More »

FBcombo. Parsing Facebook groups

It is often necessary to collect a list of Facebook groups for further work with it. For example, for automatic posting, commenting, adding reactions in it. We need to create two lists to collect a record of Facebook groups to work with using the FBCOMBO software package. Keyword list – this list will contain the keywords for which… Read More »

FB combo. Profile posting. Working with posts.

To create publications in Facebook profiles, you need to create a list of desired posts. (Post list) Posts can be created randomly (texts and pictures are taken randomly. Texts are stored in the database, and pictures are taken from the:Working folder\img\Folder name) For example:   Or you can create strictly related posts – picture-text.   All this can… Read More »

Farm interests (get interests from Facebook)

For farming accounts, for better account survivability, to simplify the launch of advertising from an account, it is recommended to use the “Farm Interests” mode every time you launch accounts. For the mode to work, you need to create a “Keywords List” with keywords. And set up the mode, namely the number of interactions with the feed, groups… Read More »

Pumping of new accounts. First launches.

To start working with accounts, it is recommended to use the “Leveling new accounts” mode. This mode will form the list of friends offered by Facebook that we need, and will allow us to make the first invitations of friends in a “human” way. Accounts will start receiving their first trust status. For the mode to work, it… Read More »


Here you can find a list of detailed instructions for the operation of the Facebook automation software – FBcombo combine. Initial setup Server setup. WEB server Panel setup FBcombo FBcombo WEB panel update Accounts and proxies in FBcombo. Account groups. Servers for work. FBcombo template settings Working with Lists Fbcombo operating modes Account login

Account login

Probably the most important mode. Each account must be logged in to work. Therefore, this mode is enabled by default. Next, we make the mode settings. These are daily limits for accounts for inviting friends, accepting friends, commenting, likes, private messages At the first start, it is desirable to obtain information about accounts. This is required to unlock… Read More »