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By | 23.11.2022

Probably the most important mode. Each account must be logged in to work. Therefore, this mode is enabled by default.

Next, we make the mode settings.

These are daily limits for accounts for inviting friends, accepting friends, commenting, likes, private messages

At the first start, it is desirable to obtain information about accounts. This is required to unlock accounts in case of bans.

You can delete the phone if mail is attached and the phone is not needed.

You can put a quick login when the accounts are not trying to get out of the ban, but are simply sorted: live or checkout.

Also, when logging in, you can collect tokens from advertising accounts.


You can also give the task to execute a GET request before starting the account, or execute a bat file.

You can give the task to the program when logging in to check if the account has an avatar and, if not, to set it.

When you first open an account, the program doesn’t know the gender of the account, so specify which selfies to send in this case.


More about login mode in the video below

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