Accounts and proxies in FBcombo. Account groups. Servers for work.

By | 23.11.2022

To work with the FBcombo combine, you need Facebook accounts and a proxy.

To get started, you need to give a name to the server where the program is running.

Settings -> Server

And create groups for accounts : Settings -> Accounts group

Further,  Accounts -> Add accounts

Specify our server where these accounts will work.

And specify the group to which your accounts belong.

And add it.

Format for adding accounts:

login;password;mail;password mail;IMAP pass;2fa;Phone;JSON cookie

If there is no data, then we skip it so that there is empty space.

For example:


login;password;mail;password mail

login;password;mail;password mail;;;;JSON cookie

login;password;;;;;;JSON cookie


Let’s install a proxy.



Proxy entry format:





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