Pumping of new accounts. First launches.

By | 04.01.2023

To start working with accounts, it is recommended to use the “Leveling new accounts” mode.

This mode will form the list of friends offered by Facebook that we need, and will allow us to make the first invitations of friends in a “human” way.

Accounts will start receiving their first trust status.

For the mode to work, it is necessary to create two lists in the panel.

  1. List of ID is people from the cities we need in the format Name;ID. Database of such records is available for combine users (more than 600 million records worldwide) In the future, I plan to unloading from the common database to each FBcombo panel for greater convenience.
  2. Geolocation. List of cities, countries, regions, states for which our accounts will work in terms of inviting friends.

In the mode settings, we specify a list of people, a list of geographical names.

We set a pause in the FROM-TO format (in seconds, separated by a hyphen)

Choose how your accounts will answer the Facebook question “Do you know this person?”

Specify how many such questions the maximum can be asked in one launch before the end of account work.

Specify the number of invites per launch.

Specify the maximum number of times a day to start the mode during round-the-clock work.

And we work 🙂


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